Hoofing It

So, what's it all about?  We are two relative newbies to the world of racing, who one day sat down and had a thought.  What about visiting every track in the country?  A drink or two later this became a more formalised goal.  We would visit every course in the UK within five years.  Five years may seem like a long time, but we, that's Madam Hoof and I, Sir Hoof, have day jobs.

To complicate matters more, we started to share ideas of tracks abroad. We already have 5 Irish tracks under our belt, 61 in the UK, 2 in Europe and 1 in Barbados (August 12th 2019).  We have managed to attend all 9 Yorkshire racing tracks now, so that was a separate target. As I Sir Hoof am known to be a bit of an author and poet, we thought some sort of record of events would be jolly fun.  This will be a blog with some useful stuff about how to get there, what to do once you get there and maybe a few comments about etiquette.  But more importantly, it will be our reflections on the people we meet and the places we visit. 

We are also on facebook and twitter as Nelson Brooks. We will be using these to send pictures of our experiences to the great and the good along with updates for each track when they have been added to this blog.

So, if you see a tallish chap drinking Guinness and a shortish lady drinking bubbles, it may be us, or it may be someone completely different, so be nice just in case. Hope to see you track side or in the bar.

Sir and Madam Hoof

This site is the subject of an erratic mind and a warped sense of humour.  It is meant to be a bit of fun, but also both a punter's view of the tracks and some useful information along the way.   If you find the facts are woe-fully (geddit) inaccurate please feel free to let us know via facebook.  We will correct if possible.  I have added the links to the actual tracks themselves if in doubt. Any tracks we have yet to visit have a link to the track website for our information

If we mention prices, it is related to the meeting we visited or what we have read when booking, we know there are exceptions.   If trains or buses take longer don't blame us.  If the bars are not serving your brand of booze or bubbles, take it up with the management. If the weather is awful, this is England, get over it, we have. 

Btw, the rating scheme is simple.  (0) Never return, (1) return after completing all tracks (2) return before completing all tracks, simple eh!

If you want a chat, then feel free to look us up on facebook under Nelson Brooks which is my writing nom de plume,  (no hawkers or hackers of purveyors of fine quality merchandise will be tolerated; we have the virtual dogs to set on you).

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