Hoofing It



Race Types


Approx no. of meetings


Getting There

Rail from London King Cross (3 hours, 1 change at Doncaster)

Bus Regular bus services direct to Beverley run from Hull, York and Leeds. There’s a bus stop outside the racecourse.)

Railway station to Racecourse (2.7 miles from station but shorter if walking)

Not  required as it is walking distance, but they appeared to plentiful in town



2 stands, Multiple bars, restaurants and several tote offices including stand alone and in bars 

Staying over

King Head in Beverley (1.2 miles from course) Highly recommended, as are White Rabbit Chocolates in Dyer Lane. 


Premier (£21), Paddock and Grandstand (£14).  Slightly higher on special event days.  Discount online in advance, . 


(2) Return before challenge complete

The Day

21st June– UK Tracks Visited (14)

Madam Hoof and I have been adamant (No, not the eighties pop star), that the best track we have visited so far has been Clonmel in Ireland.  There are lots of reasons for this, including friendliness, facilities, accessibility and communication.  But the single biggest factor is how closely we feel the course encapsulates the spirit of racing.  Well as of today, rollover Clonmel (We still love you), but there is a new player in the game, Beverley.

We had been fortunate on our tour of Northern racing tracks to have a rest the previous day and so we firstly had a chance to check out the lay of the land.  Let’s ignore the fabulous hotel, wonderful chocolatier and the amazing minster for a moment.  Before all that one has to mention the character and welcoming nature of Beverley (So much so that Madam was looking in estate agents’ windows).

The character of the town was reflected in the racetrack and the people we met there.  This was from the joy of sharing our table outside the 1860 bar with Keith, Debs and family to the service we got from everyone, including the amazing Tote staff (we promise to visit Pocklington and the water lilies).  When I mentioned communications, this was exemplified by the marketing team reaching out through our twitter feed to ask for our aid.

Madam and Sir Hoof were asked to present the prize to the winning owner for the Second race, which we did we great relish. We were then shown the weighing room and enjoyed a drink with Richard, one of the venerable and passionate course Directors. Every race track has a twitter feed, but this is the first time that a track has reached out to us on the day and invited us to expand the parameters of our visit further.   What am amazing team and how great they introduced us to John whose horse came second, and it turns out he had successfully ridden it in a charity race the previous year (at 62 years of age).  These people are what make racing special.  They exemplify passion, commitment and an enduring love of such a noble sport.

I should mention in closing the bench which sits in the pasture between the course and town. It is carefully cut from a gnarled piece wood, but has beautiful flowing lines.  The inscription mentions the pasture man who had looked after the area for forty years and never missed a committee meeting.  I had the feeling that everybody we met on the day had the same commitment and passion about Beverley racecourse.


By the way, it was very sunny and both Madam and I are now slathering on After Sun as if It is going out of fashion.

Finally, (I mean it this time), I quite off liken a race course to a song.  It is hard to sum up its nature that easily, but the one that comes to mind is an Adrian Gurvitz song from the 80’s.  I would say that Beverly was “A Classic”.  Thank you all for an amazing day.

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