Hoofing It



Race Types

Flat, Hurdles, Fences

Approx no. of meetings

14 meetings.

Getting There

Rail: from Edinburgh (Borders railway – to Tweedbank station)

Road from Edinburgh (45 miles):

Road from Berwick-on-Tweed (22 miles)

Bus from Tweedbank (as part of Track2track ticket)

Taxis – Rank in town and at race track, or you can walk.



There are two main stands, one open to the paddock tickets and one to the members pass.  Above the member’s stand there is a bar and roof access.  There is a Tote outlet on the roof and further down in the paddock stand there is a bar and more betting options.  The most charming option is a cake, coffee and soup option in the charity tea room.  These touches make the place special.

Staying over

We stayed at the Kelso Townhouse, I would strongly recommend, fabulous place, great people.


Members tickets normally 16 pound were 11 in advance and very worthwhile.


(2) Return before challenge complete, at earliest opportunity.

The Day

10 May 2017– UK Tracks Visited (28)

There are tracks and tracks, this is a truism that we have discovered early on in our quest to travel across the UK and Ireland.  People are often blown away by the pomp of Royal Ascot or the bustle of Cheltenham; well, been there, done that.  Madam Hoof and I are doing the tracks as much to see grass roots racing as we are to views parts of the country we would otherwise miss.

What is good about this track. Let’s start with visibility. From all points in the stands, one can have a great view of the track.  Additionally, from the roof space, the view is even more spectacular.  A bonus on the day, was that on the roof of one of the stands, an Oyster Catcher had just hatched three chicks.  This turned first to drama and then sadness when a gull managed to take one or two of the chicks.  The ensuing dog fight (between birds) was worthy of the battle of Britain.

Additionally, I managed to get the most excellent photographs, as we could get very close to the hurdles.  The first real action shots I have enjoyed, although I really feel like a need one of those big lenses you see on the professional photographers (How does one get trackside for close ups, do I need a press pass?)

We made a perch for ourselves (excuse the bird pun) up in the little seated area above the bar.  This is sometimes used for private parties, but not this day and we shared the area with some delightfully friendly fellow race goers.  Two of our number were farmers and the most fascinating company.  The beauty of the location is that it affords an amazing view of the track in front and the parade ring behind.  It was a warm day and although we did go out the balcony to watch the races, bet and check on the horses, on a cold day this could be a real boon.

The bar was well stocked and well-priced, but, yet again we fall foul of cash only situations. I think when paying for champagne, it is a little much to have to use cash, and this is my only minor criticism of the place.   The rest of the day, weather, track, people, horses, and Kelso itself was delightful and we cannot wait to find an excuse to return.

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