Hoofing It



Race Types


Approx no. of meetings


Getting There

Rail from London  (Approx. 3 hours)

Railway station to track, 0.5 miles

Free car parking space for all ticket classes

Taxis plentiful.



Three Stands, one club, two paddock ticket.  One recently added dining suite with a number of dining options.  Thankfully back to Tote and also William Hill on site in all bars and standalone for all enclosures.  The parade ring was veru accessible and easy to view.

Staying over

Fantinos is a great option as it is within walking distance of the track.


Premier enclosure £22, paddock and family areas £10 on this day, but are sometimes divided.  All car parking is free


(0) Woud not return unless more investment spend on visibility

The Day

30 April 2017– UK Tracks Visited (24))

There are many things that can be said about Thirsk racecourse, but accessibility is a good starting point.  We arrived by car the night before as Madam Hoof and I had been visiting Ripon and decided to stay over.  The fabulous Fantinos in Sowerby, just up from Thorpe house for fans of Mrs Pumpfry and Trickywoo (You need to be a Herriot lover), is a great place to stay and is within easy walk of both the great places to eat in the town and also the racetrack itself.

We arrived early, which was a wonderful thing as it enabled us to both get a good look around and to meet some of the staff and locals.  I have said it before and as is my want to repeat myself, will say it again, what a friendly lot you Yorkshire folk are.   We had a few fabulous chats with the staff in the Champagne bar, security and some of the track officials.  What sterling work you do to make the day fun and safe for the rest of us.

It was a strange day in some ways as this was possibly (from what I was told) the first Sunday meeting and with a Bank Holiday the next day, the team were not sure what to expect on numbers.  Well there was a party atmosphere, including the steel band in the bandstand and the children’s bouncy castle and play area.

The Parade ring and winner’s enclosure is much closer to the finish line and premium areas for convenience, but is still accessible to all.  There is the usual ebb and flow from the track to the ring and back, but this seemed to work very well with the layout of the track.  There seems to have been a fair amount of recent building at the track and it is not clear whether the new layout was known to all, as there was a little confusion from some visitors we talked to who has been before.  I do however have to give one negative feedback for the track.  How do any of you see what is going on?  There was one tiny repeater screen in front of the main stand.  Other than that, nothing to show the progress off the race, which is often blocked from view in the back straight from intervening buildings.  Someone had said the man with the screen was late, I would say he never turned up.  Madam Hoof was forced to watch the races inside the champagne bar (oh no, I hear you say), because it was the only way she could see her winners. 


There is a huge positive here, in that the track is very close to the public, so you get to feel the drum of the hooves as they pass, but for a better experience here, more screen real estate would be a huge plus.

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