Hoofing It



Race Types

Flat and Jump

Approx no. of meetings


Getting There

Rail from London (Approx. 2 hours from London to York, Leeds or Harrogate)

Railway station to Racecourse (15 miles from the above via connexions buses)

1 Mile from A1(M) by car




The new stand has three floors of bars, each equipped with accessible tote facilities.  There is an older standing only stand off to one side and in the middle of the course enclosure this is also a bar and Tote available.

Staying over

There are two main hotels in town, we stayed at the Mercure, which was perfectly acceptable and is a pretty standard corporate offering.  In the pretty little town of Wetherby, there are pubs with Rooms and B&Bs available.


Three ticket types, premier, paddock and course entry.. 


(2) Return before challenge complete,

The Day

17th October 2018– Tracks Visited:  UK (52), Ireland (4), France (1), Barbados (1)

This is not our first visit to Wetherby, but it is the first visit on a race day.  Two years ago, on our first visit to Yorkshire tracks, we swung past Wetherby on a non-race day. At that point they were in the middle of knocking down the main stand. It was fascinating to revisit two years later to see how things had developed and it was a great result.

The new stand has a series of bars, including boxes, owners and trainers and annual members.  The bars themselves are well stocked and have great staff.  There are a variety of food stalls and specialist racing concessions.  The Jockey lawn ornaments were hilarious, but Madam Hoof and I will wait until we have our own racing colours before we purchase one. 

The parade ring sits behind the main stand and is, as is common across Yorkshire, beautifully manicured and has a great floral display.  It is the prefect setting for the horses to walk around while we the punters assess and make our final selection.   What is particularly good all around the track is the visibility to the action with repeater screens.   As it was a big racing day across the country is was also good to see the other races and colours in the programme.

One of the things we often look for at a track is the overall visibility of the action.  With Wetherby the visibility is excellent.  From the bars and the stands, almost the entire action on the track can be followed and from everywhere else, the repeater screens are clear and the commentary was especially good.  The Fact that it was a sunny and dry day in October was a bonus, but I feel there is sufficient space under cover even for an inclement day. 

Other practicalities I should mention include the ease and accessibility of parking and the option to use the inner track enclosure for a slightly cheaper day’s racing while still getting a good view of the action.  This is a track, which common with almost all Yorkshire tracks, that we both enjoyed and would happily return to.

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