Hoofing It



Race Types


Approx no. of meetings


Getting There

Rail from London (Approx. 1 hour from Victoria or London Bridge)

Bus from (Half an hour from Gatwick)

Railway station to Racecourse (10 minute walk to old Steine and then 15 minute bus)

Taxis plentiful



Premier and grandstand bars, several corporate suites and outside food vendors.  A single stand, segregated based on ticket purchased.  As Arc Member be got in to premier with our standard metal badges and were even invited into the annual member coffee area.  A older style stand, but catered for both standing lower down and seating higher up.

Staying over

One of the few tracks we can get home from, but Brighton is absolutely full of places to stay from guest houses to chain hotels and 5 * luxury.  Try referring to


Grandstand and Paddock or Premier, with concessions and special offers on the days for drinks packages etc.  Silks restaurant available for dining and options for corporate suites, two of which were over the winning line


(2) Return before challenge complete.  Not only is this a local track and free to ARC members, but it is also very friendly and a great day’s racing.

The Day

11 August 2017– Tracks Visited:  UK (33), Ireland (3), France (1), Barbados (1)

This was going to be one of the easiest tracks we have visited as it is literally a short train ride away from where Madam Hoof and I live.   None of the grief associated with driving to our home track, so we looked forward to a little drinkie.  Arriving in Brighton, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a mini heatwave compared with the last few days of weather that would worry Noah with flash flooding on the East Coast and in Kent.  I had found the number 2 bus went from Old Steine (no you will not get the pronunciation right) up to the race course, but our fun started when the first bus broke down and we had to transfer to one behind.  No return tickets available was a bit odd, but at 2.20 single each, still a cost-effective way to travel to the course.

Arriving at the course, getting in was simplicity itself as our ARC barcode badges worked in the turn-style first time as they had done at Windsor and upon enquiry we were told that not only could we go into the premier areas, but also were invited to use the members coffee lounge; a nice touch if we drive in future.  It was a fairly busy event as it was the third and final day of the Brighton festival and there was a bit of a feeling of things having run out a little.  No champagne in the main premier bar as it had all been “nicked” by the champagne truck outside so we were told.   This did not matter as due to the fabulous weather, the mobile Pommery bar sat next to a whole bunch of deckchairs and haybales for putting your feet up (Let’s hope the horses did not go hungry).  This bar was in an excellent location to view the parade ring from and to make some selections (wisely in this case). 

After the second or third race, we realised the way to watch the action was to climb way up into the Gods as it afforded an excellent view down the undulating track from about 5 furlongs out.  There is an excellent sized repeater screen in front of the strand through which to view the start so we were more than happy.   From this point, once gets a very good view of this cleverly constructed circuit which optimises the natural structure of the South downs; also featuring pretty amazing views down to the sea and the Marina.

A great days racing followed by a less than successful night in a Brighton restaurant, but this is for another day.  The point being, this is a lovely track to visit, but remember you are high up and the wind can and did pick up.  By the end of the afternoon, coats were being pulled tight for protection even in August, so wrap up.  Thank you Brighton Racecourse; we look forward to a return visit.

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