Hoofing It



Race Types

Flat, Hurdles, Fences

Approx no. of meetings


Getting There

Rail from London (2 hours, 32 minutes from Paddington)

Railway station to Racecourse (1.2 miles from local Chepstow Station)

Taxis scarce, you need to book in advance.  Pick-ups from the racetrack is somewhat tortuous.



Two main stands, Premier and grandstand.  The old stand has now been knocked down and added to the car park.  There are several boxes and a huge restaurant. Additionally, for the day for OktoberFest, there was a fabulous beer tent with oompah band,

Staying over

We stayed in the Marriot St Pierre approx. 3 miles away.


Grandstand (17)  and premier tickets (27).  Additionally as ARC members from Lingfield, we had a great time with acess to the ARC box.


Rating: (2) Return before challenge complete.

The Day

14 October 2017– UK Tracks Visited (38), Irish Tracks Visited (3)

This track itself was both a surprise and a delight.   Even though it is an ARC track where we should get reciprocal membership, I forgot and purchased Premier Tickets.  However, we took our badges and when we arrived, we were told we would be treated as full members for the day, and this made the day even more special. The view from box was amazing and gave a wonderful access to the finish line.

This track reminded both Madam Hoof and I of Clonmel, if you are confused let me explain. The track seems to exist in a natural amphitheatre and is surrounded by the most beautiful hills.  It is one of the most picturesque tracks we have seen in the country. 

One of the other things that was also good about the day, was the effort to which the track went to in order to make the most of the first week of the jump season.  The introduction of a beer festival is very common at racetracks these days, but to set up an Oktoberfest tent complete with Oompah band and costumed staff made the event a very nice sideshow before and between races. 

I think the best memory of the track apart from the excellent facilities will be the friendliness of everyone we met from the staff, the members and all of the guests

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