Hoofing It



Race Types


Approx no. of meetings


Getting There

Rail from London (30 minutes from Waterloo to Epsom or London Bridge to Tattenham Corner)

Railway station to Racecourse (Half mile from Tattenham corner, one mile from Epsom Downs )

Taxis - Unknown




Two main stands, with a mixture of standing and seated positions.   A large bar area in the main stand on the ground floor is well staffed and situated next to a number of food concessions.  Multiple tote offices and also additional food outlets by the parade ring.

Staying over

One of the few tracks we can get home from, so no hotel options here.


We attended as Reciprocal members from Lingfield, so no information on the ticket prices on the day, but tickets range from £10 on the website for this year.


(1) Return after challenge complete.  Although this is technically a close track, the use of two trains to get there, this is one we can wait to return to..

The Day

1 October 2017– Tracks Visited:  UK (35), Ireland (3), France (1), Barbados (1)

It was another opportunity to visit a track on a reciprocal day.  We were greeted without questions and given full access to the tracks facilities which was excellent.  However, the first and lasting memory of the track will be the view from a distance as we turned the corner from Tattenham Corner station.  The view that greets you is that of the two grandstands and the amazing green down that is in the middle of the track; home to masses of dogwalkers. I was told recently by a local that any horses that do well at Brighton do well at Epsom, suddenly I knew why.

From the moment we saw the track, there was a moment of déjà vu. From the Epsom Downs you can actually see all the way down to the South Downs where Brighton is situated.  Epsom is an elongated horseshoe in terms of the layout of the track which matches the basic layout of the track at Brighton. The other similarity is that due to following the line of the downs, there is a lot of changes in elevation, including a downhill section at the ill-fated Tattenham Corner and then uphill towards the finish line, but not as pronounced as at Brighton.

The day itself was made more special as the season closer by have both Morris Men dancing and a youth orchestra playing between races.  The day itself went well, although the closing in weather did start to reduce visibility by race 5.  The track is easy to see from most vantage points, although is suspect this might be more problematic when full.

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