Newton Abbot

Hoofing It


Newton Abbot

Race Types

National Hunt

Approx no. of meetings


Getting There

Rail from London (2.5 -> 3 hours)

Railway station to Racecourse (15 minutes walk)

Taxis were plentiful, stalking the station forecourt like sharks in Jaws



Two stands and two separate enclosures.  Two main restaurants, the Winning post and the Paddock. A number of food outlets, bars, William Hill betting and the Tote

Staying over

We did the return trip by train, but seeing as this is a Devon Holiday location, apart from the Premier Inn, there are a number of other hotel chain options.


Two types on the day, Paddock and Grandstand, approx. 6 pounds sterling difference between the two.


(1) Return before the end of the challenge.

The Day

1st September 2018– Tracks Visited:  UK (50), Ireland (3), France (1), Barbados (1)

I shall not apologise for my decision to wax lyrical upon our happening to Newton Abbot race course.  This is simply one of the friendliest courses we have been to in the country.  Everybody was a pleasure to talk to, nobody had a bad word to say and the day went swimmingly.  This was of course improved dramatically by Madam Hoof Winning the placepot and pocketing over £300.

Let me remark first upon our arrival via train.  About two minutes out, we were availed with the view of the track and realised it was everything we had read about online.  A beautiful short oval where the entire track is visible from everywhere (even more so from the top of the stands).  Madam Hoof and I often talk about the visibility of the track from the “punters” point of view and this is one of the good ones (Thirsk, Towcester, hang your head in shame). Having asked a number of locals, we received the most excellent directions to the track and enjoyed a walk that took in a very pretty little town along the way.

We saw hops growing wild as we walked across the bridge to the track and this in some way seemed to sum up this place.  A wonderful concoction of the urban and the rural with folk who know how to treat visitors.  This of course was reinforced by the track itself.  As we were on a long day, more than 4 hours travelling each way, it was a delight to have the most relaxing time.  Our seat in the winning post restaurant, although not by the window, was close enough to a monitor to allow access to all the racing across the country away from Newton Abbot.

The course itself is pretty amazing, a real pleasure to watch quality jumps after a summer of boring flat racing. Ok, so madam Hoof won big and I failed miserably, but frankly the experience was so pleasurable, who cares about the dosh, right.

The restaurant we attended was great for service and food quality and had a supply of fun bubbles that was worth returning for.   Again, like Yarmouth, the food was served at our pace, not that of some pre-pubescent Hitler, so it was a pleasure for us.

All in all, we cannot recommend this track higher (see rating). Even with the cost of rail and restaurant, for a treat, Newton Abbot is special, as our neighbouring table for a 60th Birthday appeared to discover.  Thank you, one and all.

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